The Labyrinth


The Wasted

Blinking away hot, heavy, glassy tears

And with them, the pain of ice cold rejection.

Barefoot, naked in the grass


by the liquor in our bellies,

the smoke in our lungs,

and the tireless belief that regardless of our personal battles,

our warfare state of mind

the world and love exist still

by pure magic and nothing less

Hoping and trusting to a point of fault

and falling head over heels too fast and too easy


by the scars and the gashes

the bleeding wounds

and the knowledge that time alone couldn’t force us to learn our lesson,

to heal our breaks.

that years from now

when it rains,

we’ll still feel the throb

of promises broken

and faith shattered

Years from now

we will love just as easy

and trust just as quickly

and fall just as hard

For I, too, have loved the stars too fondly

to be fearful of the night.